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About Free Paraphrase Tool

English is a language that has many words with different origin, it is a vast language. Some words we understand other we don’t.  It won’t be wrong to say that English is not just a language but a skill. Without further ado we will see what paraphrasing really means.

What is paraphrasing?

We all have heard this word a lot of times before in our life, and we sort of get what it means but do we really know what it is? I’ll provide you with the simplest and easy to understand definition that will give you a brief overview of this word.

Rephrasing Definition:

The best paraphrasing tool can be defined as an act to present in your own words, something you have read somewhere or something spoken by someone else, to make it easier to understand by everyone. It can also be defined as writing/explaining the main ideas in your own words.

Rewording Examples:

It is easier to understand something with an example so let’s demonstrate this. ”Any trip to Paris should include a visit to Eiffel tower to see the architecture”. Let’s rephrase it, be sure to include Eiffel tower’ architecture to when visiting Paris.

Let’s take another example. “Squirrel likes to sleep and they can sleep an average of 12 to 20 hours”. It can be rephrased to “A squirrel can sleep up to 20 hours”.

Pros of paraphrasing

  • It can summarize longer work done by someone influential.
  • It can be useful when the direct quote does not apply directly to your topic.

Cons of rewriting

  • Some people misunderstand the meaning of paraphrasing.
  • Some confuse it with quoting.
  • If not done properly, phrase can lose the level of detail.

Why do we paraphrase? We read and write a lot of sentences in our daily life some with a different context and some with the same content but we don’t use them in same way we talk to everyone. But why do we feel the need to rephrase, why can’t one sentence be used everywhere. The reason is clarity and understanding. For example, you want to say same sentence to two different people, one is your boss and other one is your friend. You will say it differently to your boss and in a much different way to your friends. Same sentence cannot be said to everyone. Some might understand it and there is a chance that others might get it wrong.

How to rephrase? Some sentences are easier to rephrase. But sometime it can be very tricky to rephrase a sentence. It is much easier when you know all the steps. Here we will discuss few of the steps, that when followed, makes paraphrasing much easy to do. • Read: First and the most important step includes, obviously, reading the original text. Once you have read the text only then you will be able to rephrase it • Understanding: Next step that needs to be followed is being able to understand what actually is written in the text. Rephrasing can be done when you actually get the meaning. An additional tip is to hide the original text, this prevents copying. • Rephrasing: Once you have done the above two steps, it is time to rephrase. • Comparison: After you are done with the rephrasing, compare the both text. This step is very important as in this step; you will come to know how much close the rephrase text is to the original one. If it is too close, then it might have a chance of being misunderstood as plagiarism. And in the end run it through plagiarism checker.

How to use paraphrasing tool? Paraphrasing tool can prove to be much help when it comes to rephrasing. The steps are simple. Just copy the text and run it through the paraphrasing tool. You can also use synonyms. It can help you out when you have to remix content from different mediums.

How paraphrasing differs from summarizing? Paraphrasing refers to restating the original text on your own words. It needs to have all the details stated in original text. Summarizing on the other hand is concise. It just states to main ideas that had been written in the original text.

What is paraphrasing plagiarism? Paraphrasing plagiarism means that when the writer restates the original text, but is unable to quote the author who did that work and also fails to present relative reference. If the rephrased text contains 7 or more words copied from original paragraph then it is called word to word plagiarism.

Why is paraphrasing important? Paraphrasing shows that you were able to understand the meaning of the paragraph and you were capable of restating it in our own words. It can be useful to include external material when writing a paper. It can also be an effective alternative to using direct quotes frequently in your paper.

How quoting and paraphrasing different? Difference between the two is quite clear. Quoting refers to stating the exact word to word statement as provided in the original work. Quotes are placed within quotation marks. On the other hand paraphrasing is reiterating the actual work in your own words. Paraphrased sentences are not placed within marks.

Can turnitin detect paraphrasing? It depends upon at what level has the paraphrasing been done. If it is at a poor level then turnitin will surely detect the paraphrasing. But if it is of higher level and done by professional writer then it surely will get pass through turnitin checker.

How are quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing different? Quoting: It refers to replicating from the original source, without changing a single word. It is done by placing the original text in quotation marks by giving a reference of the author within the paper. Paraphrasing: It refers to including just the main ideas written in your own words but keeping the essence of original source. It also involves an in-text citation. Summarizing: It refers to a general overview of the paragraph. It is a compressed form of original material.

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